Monday, December 29, 2008

Reflections and Resolutions - Putting God first

So it's time for everyone to make their New Year's resolution right? Not me, I don't really do the resolution thing. I just try to be be the best mother, friend, sister, daughter, Christian I can be on a daily basis. I do like to try to make each year better than the previous though and found some ways to do it that work for me. At this time of year I reflect on the previous year and try to see if I'm heading in the right direction by asking myself a couple of questions. One, am I happier in December than I was in January? The answer this year is, "yes." If the answer was "no", I'd ask myself why and try to change what was keeping me from being happier. I ask myself if I have my priorities straight. For me, it's God first, then family, then self. I have found in my life, the times that were the hardest for me are the times when I was furthest from God.

I have been a Christian since I was a little girl when my grandmother took me to Sunday school every Sunday. But even as a Christian, there are times in life when we get a little side tracked and don't listen to God or have faith in what He has planned for us. Remember that His will is perfect. Even when you are going through something horrible, in retrospect, you will see He had a plan. It is during the times when I haven't listened to or had faith in His plans, that I have been the weariest. When I keep the faith, I find getting through really difficult situations is more bearable. As I reflect on my life, it is the times when I am closest to God that I am the happiest. The more volunteer work I do, the more I am involved in church, the more Christian friends I surround myself with, the happier I am. This year, in December I have more Christian friends and am much more involved in my church and community than in January. I have a beautiful son who is brilliant, funny, cute as a button and loves me (in his words) "the best thing yet." I am so truly blessed. All of these blessings have come from God. Although there have been some tough things to get through this year, I have never lost faith that God is with me and has bigger and better things for me. This faith has sustained me.

I guess my advice for the new year would be to make sure you stay focused on your priorities. Keep God first because without Him there is no way to be truly happy. As I have learned this year, He can get you through anything and you will come out better for it.

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