Monday, December 1, 2008

Only a Mom can understand....

Before I begin, I'll warn you, read at your own discretion. This story involves vomit (By the way, while writing this, I realized how many different words there are for vomit, I'll see how many different ones I can come up with during the course of the story).'ve been warned, now I'll continue. There are many wonderful joys being a Mommy brings. Sometimes, even when you least expect it, like say when you are in the middle of vomiting, that some of those joys surface. Last night I started getting sick, by this morning, I was still sick. Nic (my 3 year old son) and I were downstairs and I felt it coming, the salty taste in the mouth, the beads of sweat forming, so I ran to the bathroom. Nic ran right behind me. As I leaned over the toilet and began to get sick Nic is watching me and goes, "EWWWWWW...Moooom!" Then, in the very next breath he goes, "Hey, Mom....I'm hungry." Okay...hearing that made me just want to hurl even harder. In between upchucks I manage, "I'll be right with you, sweetie." Then he goes, "Okay, Mom, I'm sorry you are sick, you should take some cough medicine, I'll go get it for you." Again, in between hurls I manage a, "Ahh..that's sweet, thank you baby (Ralph)....but I'll get the medicine..(Ralph) can't reach it." That was the first time I've ever felt so touched while getting sick (a.k.a. buying a Buick). I'm glad my 3 year old has compassion, it touched my heart, even while praying to the porcelain god (that's 7 for those counting).

Ahhh...motherhood...beautiful isn't it???


ELLIE said...

I so hope you are feeling better - leave it to kids to just make those kind of situations stranger - lol.
take care of you

Alyssa said...

How sweet!!! Motherhood is so wonderful and you are so right that somehow a child knows when to say a certain to just brighten up your day :) I hope you are feeling much better.