Friday, June 5, 2009


Woo hoo! I can't believe it! I actually won! Twittermoms was hosting a blog contest for the Children's Place for the most stylish kid. The first 20 entries automatically won a $50 gift certificate to the Children's Place, as did the person with the most comments on their blogs. The BIG grand prize winner was the person the judges at the Children's Place determined to have the most creative blog. The winner was to be announced on May 15th. Well, May 15th came and went and I hadn't heard anything. No big deal, I just entered for fun anyway, not really expecting to win anything (although I really could use that couple hundred in Children's Place clothing, my boy is growing so fast). There were also a lot of really great entries from all over the country, so I truly didn't think I would win and just forgot about it.

Well, I get an email on Monday from Twittermons that says the following, "Here's what the judges said about Donna's winning post... “We chose because her blog best described The Children's place clothing. Not only did she mention our value priced clothing but she also spoke about the quality. The pictures of her son in the best selling argyle vest was adorable."

I started jumping up and down! Nic thought I was crazy, but when I told him we won, we both started jumping up and down. THANKS TWITTERMOMS! and THANKS CHILDREN'S PLACE! I can't wait to get Nic some new cute, quality clothes!

Oh, and here is my blogpost, in case you missed it click here to read the winning blog: