Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Youngest is 7!

My Sweet Caleb,

What a year you have had!  From wonderful things like Disney World, to not so wonderful things like getting 5 staples in your head, you have done it all!  Your Daddy and I are so very proud of the delightful little boy you have become.  You have the kindest heart, the funniest sense of humor and, even at your young age, real work ethic!  There is not a lazy bone in your body my boy! We pray those amazing qualities of kindness, love, compassion, bravery, vigor and humor continue to grow for you.  We continue to pray that you use those God given gifts to go out and be a light in this world. We pray that you always turn to our Heavenly Father to help lead the way.

This past year has been exciting!  You really did a great job in soccer and were instrumental in your team having an undefeated season.  More importantly, you were a good sport and did not brag or boast.  You just did your best and supported your team and even encouraged those on other teams.  This was your last year in t-ball and you did great! Next year you start coach pitch, I can hardly believe it!  You have finally caught up to your big brother and can run just as fast as he does!  I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown!  Continue doing your best in all that you do son, this is all we ask of you.  Do your best, be kind, be encouraging, be a good friend and teammate and HAVE FUN!

We had another fun trip to Disney and this year, we had our special Mommy and Caleb trip, where it was just you and I for a few day before your brother joined us.  I love our special bonding trips and I hope that as you grow, the memories of them are as sweet for you as they are for me.  My little beach bum, we also went to Myrtle again and, just like your Mommy and big brother, you are a beach bum.  It’s only January and you are already asking when we can go back!  You finally mastered the boogie board this year and did a great job body surfing.  Every year you learn a new skill!

You finally became a cub scout this year!  I can hardly stand how cute you look in your uniform.  You have done a great job in scouts and have already earned several awards.  Your Daddy and I are so proud.

I will end this year’s letter my precious boy, the same way I do each year.  By reminding you again how much you are loved and how proud we are of you.  We will always be here for you with unconditional love.  I will remind you, like in last year’s letter, that there will be trials, but that God has equipped you with everything you need to get through them.   Keep growing in your faith, keep being exactly who God made you to be knowing that our Heavenly Father does not make mistakes and He made you! 

Happy Birthday my remarkable boy.  May this coming year be your best ever. We love you so much, we love you more, we love you most, we love you more than most!

You can find his video here