Monday, May 9, 2016

The Oldest is 11!!

Every year, I make a video and write a letter to each of my boys recapping their year.  Here is the oldest's for 2016.

To my amazing 11 year old,

No longer can you show your age by using your fingers, you are officially a pre-teen (gulp).  Nicholas Gabriel, you leave me in awe.  Every single day you make me smile.  Every. Single. Day.  You are growing so quickly my precious son.  Not only physically, but also in your character, personality and faith.  I pray you continue to grow, continue to thrive, continue to always have hope and feel loved, because my precious son, you most certainly are!

We’ve had another awesome year.  We have travelled, we have had adventures, and we have served.  I love how willing you are to help those who need it.  How you think of others, how aware you are of what goes on around you.  May you continue to notice the world around you, see where you can help and never be afraid to jump in and do it!  I pray you always take initiative.

Another year of soccer, baseball, scouts and cello are under your belt.  I’m so glad you still enjoy them.  You are so well rounded my beautiful boy and I am thankful.  I hope you continue to have a lot of different interests and always do your best.  I’ve always told you that it doesn’t matter to me if you are the best or worst player on the team or the best or worst cellist in strings, I just ask that you do your best with your best attitude.  Always be a good sport, lift those who need encouragement, help those who need it and always do it humbly.  Those lessons will always apply.

In your letter last year, I wrote the following and it still applies, so I wanted to remind you.  Please try to remember to give yourself a break and not dwell on your mistakes. There is no one harder on you, dear son, than you!  Learn from your mistakes and move on.  It’s good to be determined, to do your best; to want to make the ones you love proud, but dear child know this…there is NOTHING you can do to make me love you less.  My love for you is unconditional, it can not be earned by deeds or good grades or winning games.  You don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself.  Try to find balance.  It’s great to be motivated, but don’t forget the fun!  At the same time, all fun + no purpose or motivation = trouble.  Work on finding that balance.  Again I say to you, don’t dwell or beat yourself up, learn from your mistakes, move on and do your best not to repeat them.

Nicholas Gabriel, you are a blessing.  I can not thank God enough for choosing me to be your Mom.  You amaze me with your intelligence, sense of humor, your heart and your faith.  I pray God’s blessing continue to fall upon you and His favor and protection surround you.  I pray you are always aware of His presence and are never afraid to share your gifts with others or to share a kind and encouraging word. May you continue to do your best and to grow into the man you were created to be.  Thank you for being an amazing, funny, brave and caring person.  Thank you for being such a great big brother and loving son.  Thank you for being YOU!

Love you so!


You can find his video this year by clicking here.

His letter from last year is here.