Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Year Older

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Over the last several years, I just haven't really cared. It's just another day, no biggie....

Don't get me wrong, I'm not depressed over getting older or anything like that, chronological age has never been a big deal to me. It's just that everything else (church, kids, hubby, friends) is so much more important to me than celebrating my own birthday. To me, it's just another day like the day before or the day after, so why make a big deal about it? I appreciate the thoughts, cards and sentiments given to me on that day, but really felt it wasn't necessary. I mean, I'm not turning 18 or 21 or 40 or any other milestone, so why make a fuss?

Until I realized something recently. This day is a gift. It is a gift from God. July 29th is the day He chose for me to come into this world and He never makes mistakes! Because of July 29th, I now also get to celebrate May 9th (my 6 year old's birthday) and January 18th (my 1 year old's birthday). When God saw fit to bring me into being, He was giving me a wonderful gift. If I chose to ignore that gift and act as though my birthday doesn't exist, isn't that like telling God, "Thanks, but no thanks?"

What if I spent lots of time creating a unique, magnificent present out of the love in my heart for someone truly special to me? What if I gave them this gift and then they chose to ignore it and act like it didn't exist? It would hurt my feelings! When we get older and start to act like our birthday's are just like any other day, we are kind of doing the same thing to God. After He spent time to lovingly create us, we act like it's no big deal. That's gotta hurt.

On your next birthday, no matter your age or situation.....CELEBRATE! Your birthday is your special day, your special gift from God. Don't ignore it, don't use it as a time to look back on what you should have or could have accomplished by now. Instead, look at all the blessings God has given you in this life, starting on the very day you were born!

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