Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I had such a great day Saturday that I just had to write about it. I've had so much to deal with lately that when a truly wonderful day like this came along, I just couldn't pass up the chance to share my blessing and write about it.

It was Valentine's Day, but that really had nothing to do with why my day was so great. Nic and I had a full day of nothing but joy. Trust me, after the past few weeks I've had, it is something I so desperately needed and wasn't sure if was even possible. To have a smile on my face the whole day, for everything to go absolutely right...WOW, what a blessing!

Let's start with the weather, it was a beautiful, sunny day. After breakfast we headed to Roanoke. A shirt and sweater was all that was needed. I put a light jacket on Nic in the morning, but by the afternoon, it wasn't needed. We started off at the Science Museum. Nic had been there once before, but it was an "open house" kind of day and admission was free. This meant the place was CROWDED and we didn't get to spend as much time as we would have liked or done all of the things we wanted to do. Not the case on Saturday. For the first 30 minutes, we were the only ones there. We had the place to ourselves! After that, we only saw about 3 or 4 other families. This was wonderful because we got to spend as much time as we wanted at each exhibit without feeling like we had to rush to give other people a turn. We took lots of time and interacted with each exhibit.

After an hour and a half, we started getting hungry, so we went downtown to grab a bite for lunch. Nic can sometimes be a picky eater and I worry if he doesn't eat enough, especially on days when I know we are going to be busy. He ate like a HORSE! He finished his entire lunch and then started munching on mine. Oh happy day! After lunch, we went back to the museum to play some more. I then noticed that they have a planetarium. I remember as a child how much I LOVED the planetarium and being that Nic says he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, I thought he would really enjoy it. He was fascinated. I wish I had a nickel for every time he said, "Oh, WOW Mommy!" The planetarium was a huge hit. The one in Roanoke isn't a complete dome like the ones I've been to before, it is more like a 3/4 dome, but it's still a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it.

After the planetarium we went BACK to the science museum for another hour or so. After the museum we walked the downtown area of Roanoke and went into a few shops. Again, Nicholas was so good, he didn't play "touchy-feely" with the breakables in the store, he used his manners and even showed me and everyone on the sidewalk his latest "cool trick" (which consisted of him jumping up in the air while kicking his leg). He didn't only make me smile, he made several other people smile too.

We then went to Valley View Mall so he could see some puppies and ride on the kiddie rides. At the mall we got some chocolate chip cookies and then made a bee line for the puppies. Nicholas LOVES puppies. He doesn't have any teddy bears that he sleeps with, but he has (at current count) 7 puppies he likes to have in bed with him, including the one he got me for Valentine's Day that he has now claimed as his own. The ladies at the store pulled out a couple of Shitzu's for Nic to pet. Oh my was so hard not to buy one. They were so cute! Then Nicholas saw a Boston Terrier/Pug mix (I'm told they are called Bugg's) and he noticed how it looked like one of his stuffed puppies named "Georgia". He then announces, "Look, Mommy, he looks like Georgia, can we get him? Oh, wow Mommy, he's laying on his back and I can see his wee-wee!" This last part he said pretty loud and everyone in the store laughed! That's my boy, always bringing a smile to people faces. After leaving the pet store, we went and rode some of the kiddie rides before heading home.

Within 10 minutes, he was OUT! He slept soundly the whole way home. We had such a busy, fun filled day that even with the nap on the way home, by 7:00 he was telling me he was tired and ready for bed.

I've posted a couple of pictures here, but you can also see pictures of our day on our photobucket account (click here). And see video on NicTV (click here).

I know there is no such thing a perfect, but my Saturday was pretty close to it in my book! I give thanks for such a wonderful day!

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