Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Passionate About Pulaski

I was asked to write an article for the Southwest Times. Every Sunday they have a feature they call "Passionate About Pulaski" where each week they ask different local leaders and business people to write an article. The first few articles were about 1/4 page, but I guess they aren't THAT passionate about Pulaski because they requested that we scale the articles back due to space restraints. Unfortunately, I didn't get this request until AFTER I had written the full 1/4 page article. I didn't want the full article to go to waste, so I've posted it here. The abbreviated version will be in this Sunday's paper, along with my mug shot.

Passionate About Pulaski

As a relative newcomer to Pulaski County I find myself feeling blessed on a daily basis that I chose to call Pulaski County home. Pulaski has offered me a great opportunity to raise a family and start a business. What is so surprising to me is how amazed people seem to be when I tell them this. The question I get asked the most is, “Why on Earth would you move to Pulaski?” My response, “Why on Earth wouldn’t you?” How strange it seems to me to talk to so many people who don’t see the true gem that Pulaski County really is.

Let’s start with the people. The Pulaski community is one of the friendliest I have ever encountered. Everyday I see someone who greets me with a smile, a “hello,” a handshake or a hug. No one just passes you by. The hurried, “I’m too busy to speak” pace of Northern Virginia (where I am originally from) does not exist here. To be honest that took me a little while to get used to, but once I did, there is no amount of money that could send me back to Northern Virginia.

The community is very family oriented; there are many children’s programs and family activities, if you only take the time to find them. For example, my 3 year old son has been to story time at the library, KinderMusik classes, children’s choir at our church, baseball games at Calfee Park and let’s not forget the playgrounds and parks in our area, like Randolph Park.

There are fantastic things for adults, too. You can join a book or knitting club at Coffee Buy the Book; hike the New River Trail; go fishing; boating or swimming at Claytor Lake; golf at one of our three great golf courses, just to name a few.

While Pulaski is a great place for young families, there are impressive health care and social opportunities for our older community as well. As an example, the Pulaski Community Hospital is an accredited chest pain center and cancer center. They offer excellent rehabilitation and other therapy services. In addition, Pulaski offers the Retired Senior Volunteer Program and the Senior Center offers a wide variety of trips and activities.

Pulaski also offers a nice mix of culture and educational outings too. The newly renovated Pulaski Theatre is spectacular! It truly is a treasure. The Fine Arts Center for the New River Valley hosts magnificent pieces of art as well as free concerts in Jackson Park. You can learn more about Pulaski at the Pulaski Courthouse exhibits or the Raymond F. Ratcliffe Memorial Museum and don’t forget to check out the stars at the Wysor Observatory.

There are a number of festivals and community events in Pulaski every year that I highly recommend. There is the Claytor Lake Annual Summer Festival, PulaskiFest, the Fall Festival of Arts and Crafts in Newbern and the New River Valley Fair at the New River Valley Fairgrounds.

As a resident of Pulaski, I like that I don’t have to drive for miles to shop for everyday items. I can go to Walgreens or CVS to pick up my prescriptions, makeup and toiletries; Peebles to get a new dress for church or a suit for a business meeting; Food Lion for groceries and Magic Mart for anything else.

Looking for a great gift for a special person’s birthday, holiday or just because? Shop downtown. We have great little shops that are certain to have that unique gift perfect for people of all ages, from 1 day old to 100 years old. Looking for sporting goods for you child’s team? Check out Hibbett Sports. Need help planting your garden or keeping the greenest yard on your street? You can find what you need at Tractor Supply. If you are upgrading your kitchen and need new appliances or if your washer/dryer finally went “kaput,” then you can go to Pulaski Appliance. Not only will you get the new appliances you need, but also experience great customer service. They service what they sell and keep parts in stock, so even if you only need a repair, stop by and see them.

Speaking of the special people in your life, if you are looking for spectacular getaway for you and your spouse, try out Rockwood Manor in Dublin. This magnificent property is, beyond a doubt, southern hospitality at its very best. Looking to start a life together? Rockwood Manor provides a flawless backdrop for a picture-perfect wedding and/or reception.

Need a haircut or the perfect “do” for that wedding? We have a fabulous salon (Elite Style) and great barber shop (Sani-Mode) right down town. Oh and don’t get me started on the most relaxing massages you will ever receive in your life from Patricia Aust Weeks at Fruitful Seasons! Think I’m exaggerating? No way. I’ve had massages all over this country and the best I have ever had, by far, is from Trish.

Want to grab a bite to eat? The options are endless. Everything from Japanese, to Mexican to Chinese to good old fashioned American cooking can all be found in Pulaski.

Starting a business? Again, Pulaski can provide the environment you’ve been looking for. The New River Valley Competitiveness Center offers tremendous resources for local entrepreneurs. With lower taxes, affordable store front spaces, a willing workforce and other resources to help start your business such as accounting, printing and marketing services already in place, it is the ideal spot for any new business.

With all that I’ve listed above, I again ask, “Why on Earth wouldn’t you choose Pulaski County?” This article is only a drop in the bucket in the long list of reasons to live here. I didn’t even get into the low cost of living, beautiful homes at affordable prices and the close proximity to outstanding educational institutes.

Yes Virginia, a wonderful, family friendly, affordable place to live and work in the New River Valley really does exist. It exists in Pulaski County.

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