Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sugar Sugar...I'm so embarrassed

This morning my little guy came up to me, told me he loved me and put a heart sticker on my sweater. He placed it right about my collar bone and said, "It says Sugar, Sugar Mommy because you're so sweet and it's a heart because I love you.'

Awww. I happily wore my sticker. As I went about running errands I noticed that people kept giving me strange looks, some even laughing as they looked in the direction of my chest.

What I didn't realize, was that when I put my seatbelt on it moved my sticker.....directly over my chest....in a...ummm, kind of embarrassing spot.

There on my chest, in not the best of places, is a heart that reads, "Sugar, Sugar." I have worn this all day. I can't help but be embarrassed and laugh like a crazy woman at myself.

Hope you laugh too.


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