Monday, May 9, 2011

A Letter to my Son - 2011


Happy Birthday my sweet boy, is it possible that another year has come and gone? I can’t believe it. You are truly a big boy now; you need two hands to show how old you are. Six. Wow. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

How is it possible that every day I love you even more? It’s true, my beautiful son. You are an amazing blessing to me and those around you. Your heart continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Even your teacher at school comments on how you like to help your classmates. When they don’t understand something, you explain it to them in a way that helps them to understand. You have such a giving heart.

What a year it has been for you, sweetie! You finished preschool at the end of May, and then in August you started Kindergarten! You weren’t nervous in the least! As usual, Mommy cried and you sped forward with much enthusiasm! I’m so happy that you love school and your enthusiasm has not waned!

You also lost your first tooth this year! Aren’t we lucky? Mommy actually caught a picture of the toothfairy when she came to visit! I’ll never forget the look on your face when I showed you the picture!

Then you started playing your first organized sport! You played soccer with the same enthusiasm as you tackle everything else. I was a very proud soccer Mom. Your team was the Cavaliers (can you believe that my little Hokie?) and your number was 5. Perfect, because you were 5 years old!

Your next sport has been teeball. We just started the season, but son, I believe we have found your sport! I can’t even put into words how happy I am for you! You are EXCELLENT at teeball! You now play for the Nationals (Go NATS!!) and are number 9. Isn’t that something? You were born on May 9th (5/9) and your first two jersey numbers were 5 and 9. How about that?

I have also seen you grow into your roll as a big brother with so much love, compassion, patience and yes, enthusiasm. Again, there are no words to describe how joyful it makes my heart to see you and your brother playing together. To see the patience you have with him and how you love teaching him, my wonderful son, makes my cup runneth over. Just as I am blessed to be your mother, Caleb is blessed to have you as his big brother!

And how can we forget your first helicopter ride? How fun was that? You got to be the co-pilot as we flew over Myrtle Beach. I remember reaching from the back seat to hold your hand when we took off, just in case you were a little nervous. You only held it for a few seconds and then there was nothing but exhilaration as you, Larry and I took in the breathtaking views!

As you grow, I also see your faith growing. Like the time you were sick. Poor thing, you had a stomach virus and were throwing up constantly. As you had just finished being sick, I was wiping your mouth and you said to me, “Mommy, we need to pray. I need God’s help to make me better.” We stopped right there and prayed. There have been other times you have had challenges or just needed a little extra courage or help and have stopped to pray. You know who to turn to, who will always take care of you. The One who is more important than Mommy or Daddy or anyone else - Jesus. I am so very thankful for the fact that you turn to Him. I also love that you always remember to pray for others and to give thanks for your blessings. My loving son, a mother could not be happier.

Our church Christmas play this year was “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” You played Linus and remembered ALL of your lines, even the long monologue where Linus explains to Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas! I was amazed!

You also won a photo contest this year. Parenting Magazine had a funny face photo contest on their Facebook page and you won! How wonderful that your silly face got to make thousands of people smile, giving you the opportunity to touch the lives of those who never met you.

As you can see, son, it has been a great year! I will close my annual birthday letter to you by telling you something you already know, but think it’s important to say anyway. I can’t imagine my life without you, Nicholas Gabriel. I love you more than all the stars in the sky!

Happy Birthday, my big boy!

Love always,


P.S. You can read past birthday letters here: A Letter to my Son - 2010

And this son, is my wish for you:

Nic turns 6! from Donna Cope Sams on Vimeo.

A birthday video for my son. I love you, Nic. This is my wish for you.....

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