Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Royal Beef

In case you've been living under a rock, I have a breaking news story for you. Prince William is getting married tomorrow!

Okay, that's great. I'm happy for him, I REALLY am! If you are one of those people over the moon with happiness over this fairytale, then that's great! I have no problem with the people who are having parties and celebrating. Love is great and in this day, it's wonderful to have something happy, hopeful and full of love to focus on.

Here's my problem: The media.

There is just too much media coverage of this thing! I have not seen one single national news channel give more attention (for that matter, just the same amount of attention or heck even HALF of the attention) to Easter as they have given the royal wedding...and that's my beef. Idolatry is defined as an "immoderate attachment or devotion to something." It appears to me that the media has turned this wedding into modern day idolatry. It should be a joyful, happy occasion. It is now a media circus, complete with tacky trinkets being hocked by street vendors. It gets more attention than the holy week that just past. They are making the royal wedding more important than our Savior.

Think about it. Jesus suffered, was crucified, He died. Three days later, He was alive again! The Easter holiday that just passed did not get a fraction of the attention that this royal wedding is getting and I think that it's a shame.

It makes me wonder how God feels about all this. He gave His only son to us and we give him one day to celebrate the resurrection. For some people this means going to church for an hour on Easter Sunday. Then along comes the Royal wedding and that gets more focus and attention than the miraculous resurrection.

I'm not trying to get up on my soap box and preach and I'm also not saying that if you are super excited for the wedding that you are wrong. I plan on watching a recap of the wedding myself because I love weddings. I am not going to watch the whole thing unfold over countless hours, as I am sure there will be enough coverage and recap of it over the coming weeks that it won't be necessary for me to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

All I'm saying is that the amount of focus put on other people's designer dress choices, when there is little to no focus on what truly matters, makes me sad....and annoys me.

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