Friday, November 19, 2010

Mom, Dada, Nic Poop Blue Apples.

I know what your thinking. WHAT is she talking about? The dog and the boys have finally driven her over the edge.

Nope, I'm perfectly sane.

Well almost.

You see, it's not me talking, it's the baby.

If you were to take all the words he says on a daily basis and put them in a sentence, that is what you would get. Oh, but he also says "Hi" and Bye-Bye" so I guess it would really be more like this:

"Hi! Mom, Dada, Nic poop blue apples. Bye-bye!"

You know, like when you exchange pleasantries with someone you bump into while at the grocery store. Instead of saying, "Hi, how are you? How's the family? Take care!" Caleb will tell you that his family poops blue apples.

Well, he doesn't usually say them all together, but throughout the course of the day, you will hear each of those words at least a couple of times, especially when you change his diaper. He squeals, "Poop!" and then laughs. He is his father's son.

And that, my friends is what I am thankful for this Thursday. Although, I just realized that today is Friday and I missed my Thankful Thursday post. All this talk about poop has clouded my brain. Regardless, I am thankful for my baby's budding vocabulary.

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