Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Couldn't Pay Me to be RICH!

That's right. I think money is the root of all evil. Before you go on the defensive, hear me out. Now, I'm not saying that people that have lots of money are evil. I just don't think they are really happy. UNLESS, they do something good with their money. If you have lots of money, yet refuse to help others, tithe or do something good with it, I just don't think you are truly fulfilled or know what true happiness is. I understand that there are a lot of people out there right now who are struggling and saying, "If only I had more money." Be careful what you wish for, God tells us:

"Whoever trusts in riches will fall, but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf." (Proverbs 11:28)

"You can not serve both God and money." (Matthew 6:24)

There are many places in the Bible where God warns us about greed and money. He knows what He is talking about.

Now, by NO means am I rich. I have a nice home, my vehicles are paid for, I have food and clothing. More importantly, I have love, family and faith. When I was younger, I was in a much better financial situation. I never had to think about a budget, if I wanted something, I just bought it, if I wanted to travel, I went. Money was not an issue. I worked very hard, but I played very hard too. Sound nice? WRONG!! I wasn't truly happy. I had everything I wanted, but felt like something was missing. I also did not tithe like I should. God tells us that holding back tithes and offerings is stealing from Him. After all, everything belongs to Him to begin with. NO WONDER I wasn't totally fulfilled!

Now things are MUCH tighter. I have a budget, I struggle at times to make sure bills are paid. But, even though I don't have as much money, I make sure to tithe and give money to those in need. You know what? Even though my checkbook is heart is FULL. I have never, EVER in my life been as happy as I am now. The less and less I find in my checkbook, the happier and happier I become. Do you know why? Because I TRUST that God will take care of us. I know that everything is in His very capable hands and that He will not leave us. Everything that I need to be happy will be provided. I tithe, like He tells us to do. He doesn't say, "Only give when you have money." It takes true trust to tithe and give back when times are hard, but God will take care of you. He promises to if you only follow His perfect directions. It's also important that you don't give only so you can receive. You have to WANT to tithe and help others. It needs to be in your heart so that you are a cheerful giver.

Just look at all of the rich and famous celebrities you see on TV today. Everyday is a new scandal. Drugs, alcohol, adultery, lust, greed, dozens of sins in their everyday lives. They don't look too happy to me. You could not pay me to trade places with them! You couldn't pay me to be rich!

When money is tight, giving isn't easy. Do it anyway and watch how God takes care of you. It doesn't happen overnight, but keep at it. Keep giving with a happy and trusting heart and watch what you receive!

And so, my friends, my poor financial situation is exactly what I am thankful for on this Thursday. I have never been happier.


shannon said...

So Donna I have to say I totally agree with u... Growing up my dad and stepmom had money lots of it. However they always seemed to be unhappy why because their love seemed to be based on money and how they wanted everything in life... I was raised by my mom saying money is not everything... as I grew up and out on my own I begain to see that... you can be the richest person in the world but still be unhappy. .. love and the lord is how I get through not money trust me when I say that..

Laura said...

I completely agree with you. When I was still married, my ex was constantly "if I had money I'd be happy blah, blah, blah", so he remarried someone who has money & he is miserable.

Sometimes, I wish I didn't have to live paycheck to paycheck, but I'm very happy with my life.