Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Green Thumb

I LOVE summer! I'm a beach bum, I love hot weather and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to garden. Planting these tiny little baby plants in the spring, feeding them, watering them, weeding and taking care of them can be time consuming, but it's so worth it. By the time summer rolls around, I have all kinds of beautiful flowers (Lilly's are my favorite) and this year, I have a wonderful fruit and veggie garden! I love going out of our back door at dinner time and picking part of our dinner right out of the back yard. It's so rewarding and tastes so much better than what you get at the store, not to mention the money and environment you save! We have zucchini, squash, broccoli, about 4 varieties of tomato, and several varieties of peppers. Oh, and don't forget our strawberry, blueberries and blackberries!

But, you know what my favorite part of gardening is? Sharing it with my son. My 5 year old is a carbon copy of his Mom! He loves the summer, the beach and the gardening. Every single morning he reminds me that we have to go check on the garden. He has helped plant, pull weeds, water and of course pick our yummy veggies. When we go out to the garden in the morning and see a new vegetable that is ready to pick, he literally screams with excitement, "Mommy, it's ready, it's ready!" It doesn't stop there, he goes out to "check" on our garden several times a day, everyday. He wants to make sure no "critters" are eating our food! I love teaching him and sharing this love with him, it makes everything taste so much sweeter.

If you'd like to see our hard work, click here: Garden Pictures

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