Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Blessings & Nic's First Solo

I can't believe I haven't updated since Thanksgiving! I need to get back to it, especially my Thankful Thursday posts. In my defense, I'm more than 35 weeks pregnant and sitting at my desk typing is physically painful for me anymore, but I just had to share this.

First, the back story. My son, my beautiful gift from God filled me with such happiness Christmas Eve, but the best part is that it wasn't just me he touched. He was asked to sing a solo at our church's candlelight service.

The candlelight service itself was gorgeous, full of the true Christmas spirit and a blessing to behold. Then when my little guy got up on that stage and in his sweet 4 year old voice sang "Happy Birthday, Jesus" of course, my heart was full. After the service and then even the Sunday after, dozens (and I mean literally dozens of people, some I didn't even know their name) came to me to tell me how my little guy was their favorite part of the service or how he really touched their heart or how he truly filled them with the Christmas spirit. THAT is what filled my heart to overflowing. To know that my little 4 year old could touch people in that way. That God had given him such a gift to evoke such emotion from people. What a blessing. I told him to go up there and sing for Jesus and he did, with no fear, all by himself.

As a mother, I pray that I lead my children in the right direction, that I teach them to put God first and to use whatever blessings and talents He gives us to glorify and serve God. I think my little guy is on the right path. He shared a blessing God had given him and he did it with a joyful and willing heart, just as Jesus taught us to do. I couldn't be happier.

If you'd like to see his performance, I've attached the video. The sound quality isn't that good, I was just using my handheld camera to record it, but you get the picture.

To make it all even better, my best friend and her family came up for the holidays! They attended the service with us and just having them there was the best gift ever! Then the rest of the holiday was filled with food, laughter, fun and for the first time in my life, even snow! It truly was the best Christmas ever. I got to share this holiday with my wonderful husband Larry, my best friend Angelica and her husband Chris, their son Jacob and my beautiful boy, Nic. Having two little boys to read to on Christmas Eve and then wake up together Christmas fun! I am so truly blessed and thankful to God for all of the blessings He has put in my life and how He always takes care of me.

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Jane said...

What a powerful performance!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!