Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A cross between Houdini and David Blaine

File this one under......actually, I don't even know what to file this one under.

This morning, into my bedroom run two little boys. One is as naked as a jay bird and the other is laughing hysterically. It seems the baby wanted to be very helpful this morning by scaling the crib (he got up all by himself), taking off his pj's and diaper (he's helping get himself ready to go), breaking out of his room (even though we have child proof locks on the door) and going into his brothers room and climbing into bed with him (he was his brother's alarm clock today so he wouldn't be late for school).

See how helpful he is?

The little guy woke up this morning to a naked baby in his bed. About 10 years from now, he probably wouldn't have found it funny, but this morning, he thought it was hysterical, and he was right.

I think the baby is going to be a cross between Houdini and David Blaine.

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