Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easy, Yummy 2 Ingredient Chicken Recipe

I made an accidental discovery last night. I discovered a way to make baked barbecue chicken with a crispy crust using only two ingredients and in only 20-25 minutes. I am NOT kidding (beat that Racheal Ray.....ok...don't take that wrong, I LOVE her) !

So, every time I bake chicken, hubby always sits down with a bottle of barbecue sauce to dip his chicken in, so I thought I'd beat him to the punch by baking the chicken in the barbecue sauce. He gets his barbecue and we still eat the healthier baked chicken.

All you have to do is dip or brush a boneless chicken breast into some barbecue sauce (I used Jack Daniels Honey Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce). After it's good and coated with the yummy barbecue sauce, dip the chicken breast into some Shake N' Bake (don't use the bag and don't ask how I know......use a bowl or something) to coat it with the crust. Bake it at 350 for 20-25 minutes and YUMMY!! Hubby LOVED it! I have to admit, I did too! Fast, easy, yummy.


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