Thursday, July 23, 2009

Has it been that long???

I just noticed my last blog post was over a month ago!! How is that possible? It seems like it couldn't have been more than a week. Where is the summer going? I think it is completely true that the older you get, the faster time flies.

I have had a very eventful summer so far. There have been trips, illness, surprises, laughter, fun and stress, but that's all a part of life isn't it? My laptop has been acting up or in the shop for about 4 weeks total so far this summer, so that has put me pretty far behind as well. It's amazing how much I depend on that little piece of machinery. How did people do it 25 years ago? Everything handwritten or on a typewriter? It must have taken ages to get anything done. I can't even remember the last time I used a typewriter, probably high school. Has it been that long?

Speaking of dependence on modern conveniences, I made the mistake of going to the grocery store the other day and forgot my cell phone at home. How did people do it 20 years ago???? When I arrived home I had missed several calls and text messages, all that communication that would have been missed had I been grocery shopping in the 80's and early 90's. Has it really been that long since we've been using cell phones?

My son is, at this very moment, playing with a digital camera that plays games, records video and takes digital pictures, among many other things. I have no idea how to operate this gadget. I can not even fathom having such a toy at the age of 4. I was happy with my big wheel and my barbie doll. I don't think any of my toys were interactive. They all required only the use of my imagination. Has it been that long since I was a child? Has it been that long since children didn't have interactive toys?? Don't get me wrong, my son plays just as much with toys that require only the use of his imagination, but he has access to the technologically advanced toys as well.

Oh, I could go on and on about how time has flown and things have changed, but I'm afraid it only makes me feel really, really old! I don't want to start telling you about the time I walked through 3 foot of snow, in the freezing cold, for 5 miles, in my bare feet, to get to school....or maybe it was my great grandfather who use to always say that??? :-)

God bless!

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